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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Nomans Adventures for?

Our trips are created with solo female travellers in mind, connecting like-minded, fun loving women by exploring the world together.

Our typical age bracket is 25 – 45 years old but we welcome women of all ages! We’re less of a specific demographic and more of a mindset. We come from all corners of the world and different walks of life, but we have a shared sense of adventure and desire to experience the world, not just see it. It is the diversity and kindness of women who come on our trips that is one of the greatest pleasures of travelling in our group!

Why just women?

Why not!? There is some magic in exploring the world with like-minded women who share you desire for adventure!

The energy that is created when we’re together is incredibly unique and powerful. The group dynamics, kind of conversations that emerge on the trail, and the level of honesty and support we see in our women only groups is pretty hard to beat!

We’re all about coming together, supporting and encouraging each other to step outside of our comfort zones and take on the world!

All our trips are designed for women by women, and the Nomans Adventure Leader is always a kickass girl.However,when we choose local suppliers (guides/instructors etc.), we focus on the best ones with no regard for the gender.So there might be still be plenty of men around!

How big will the group be?

On average, our groups range are anywhere from 5 – 14 girls, depending on the trip.We want to keep the group cosy and make you feel like you are going with your girlfriends on travel, that’s why we keep it to maximum 14 people(it is usually less).

Can I come solo?

Of course! In fact, most of the girls are coming solo and a few are bringing a friend or two.

The great thing about our trips is that this is a great opportunity to meet other awesome women, out from your usual circle,and make new friendships!

Do I get my own room?

All accommodations are shared, you will most likely be sharing a room with 1,ocassionally 2 more girls. Don’t worry, once your trip is confirmed you will get access to a private WhatsApp group where you can start connecting with the other girls on your trip in advance!

What is your travel style?

When you travel with us,you do more than just see the world.You experience it.

Each trip fully immerses you in the destination.Our tours bring you closer to the world,its people,their culture,and their way of life,it is all about the connections!!

Nomans Adventureis definitely not a mainstream, luxury tour operator. We value authentic experiences.

And of course,we like to indulge in luxury every now and then but discovering the world from a private car or chain luxury hotel it is not quite what we are into.

We do think that you can really get under the skin of the place byeating where locals eat,taking local transport and sleeping in charming places run by locals. But fear not-we will love the way we travel!We use private vans as often as local trains an tuk-tuks,carefully choose the most charming accommodations full of local character(think converted church in Scotland, lovely boutique hotel in Portugal,Buddhist temple in Japan or traditional ryad in Morocco) and we promise wewill bring you to the best spots for sampling local flavours!Charming and unique places,challenging and rewarding experiences-all carefully selected to provide you with a lovely time and an authentic feel for the region you are in.

How much free time is there?

We know you are an independent woman and we value your freedom!!

Each adventure is a perfect mix of being together and time on your own to do the things you love the most. Every trip is carefully designed to give you the best experience of the place,including unique activities and authentic cultural experiences,while still giving you plenty of free time to explore on your own.If you want to.

What about overtourism?

Nomans Adventure works just with local businesses and services because changing lives through travel isn’t just about travellers,it is about ensuring local communities see and feel the benefits of tourism as well!

We deeply care to have a positive impact on the places we visit after we are gone and are always striving to leave the place a little bit better.

We strongly believe in the truly transformative power of travel, for all sides involved.

And yes,we have all seen this Anthony Bourdain’s quote a hundred times. Still love it none of the less:

‘Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s OK. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.’

What is included in the price?

It depends on the trip so please check individually but usually,our trips include:

  • All accommodation during the trip
  • An amazing itinerary crafted to let you see and experience the most fascinating aspects of the local culture!
  • Extensive pre-departure information to help you prepare for the trip
  • All activities,experiences and entries to attractions mentioned in itinerary
  • Photoshoot in most picturesque spots
  • A surprise adventure!
  • All breakfasts and usually half lunches & dinners(so you can still try things on your own) – with any dietary needs taken care of for you
  • All Ground Transportation during the trip(except Airport transfers)
  • The care of the passionate Nomans Adventure Leader and Local Guides
  • A whole new tribe of new girlfriends that can’t wait to meet you!

You’ll need to handle:

  • Flights – from wherever in the world you’re joining us from
  • Airport Transfers (we can help to arrange that)
  • Travel Insurance – you are responsible for obtaining your own travel insurance
  • Visas and vaccinations – we’ll let you know in advance of what you need
  • Food and Entries not mentioned in itinerary
  • Alcoholic Drinks(except when mentioned)

What about the food?

We always include some meals in your trip and leave others open for you to explore places on your own.We provide breakfast every morning and usually about half of lunches and half of dinners.

Meals include everything from home-cooked feast,local street food,cooking classes,packed lunches(if on the trail) and restaurant dinners.We carefully select the places we dine in and promise to bring you to the best spots for sampling local flavours and culinary traditions!

Each meal covers a non-alcoholic beverage(and occasionally an alcoholic one,as per itinerary).

If you wish to order an alcoholic beverage or extra food, you will have to pay for that separately.

We also always take into consideration your dietary restrictions,just please let us know prior to departure.

Is the itinerary guaranteed?

Definitely not! We are an adventure company and our itineraries are far from being set in stone.We’re spontaneous, curious, and adventurous just like you.We will cover what is planned most of the time but our tours are not precisely scripted so sometimes we will hike a few extra kilometres to see what’s around the hill,sometimes we will spend more time in a place that left us enchanted and sometimes we will change our adventure for something different entirely. Our small groups allow us to play according to our group’s dynamics!

What do I pack?How do I prepare for the trip?

You will receive an Information Pack,well ahead of the trip, that will include a recommended packing list as well as any other important information you might need-regarding best flight connections, visas, vaccinations, currency, weather etc.If you have any additional questions, just drop us an e-mail anytime.

Upon confirmation of the trip,you will also be invited to a private WhatsApp chat where you will have access to all trip details leading up to departure and you will have a chance to get to know the girls that are coming with you!

Can I arrive before the trip/stay longer?

Of course you can.It is actually very likely that your flight schedule won’t be bang on to fit our itinerary!

We encourage you to take advantage of the location and take a few days before or after our adventure to travel the region on your own! We can help you extend your trip and give recommendations of places to stay,things to do and see nearby, so just let us know and we’ll help you out!

How do I book a tour?

Ok,so here are the steps:

  • To book a tour on our website,we require 300 GBP deposit.
  • Of course, you can pay the total price at once should you want to-you will have the option to pay the deposit or the entire balance at
  • Important-paying deposit does not guarantee a trip(we require a min of 4 participants,and although we never had to cancel a trip,you never
  • So please hold on with booking your flights until you receive the trip confirmation.
  • If the trip is confirmed (meaning at least 4 girls booked the trip), we require payment of the remaining balance 2 months before the trip is due(you can do this on our website as well).
  • In the rare cases when the trip does not reach the minimum of 4 people, we will of course return your full deposit.
  • You will receive payment reminders with a payment link leading up to your adventure.
  • If there are any Early Bird Discounts still available (these are offered to fist 4 participants on each tour and these will be mentioned in Overview Info of each trip), please send as an e-mail and we will send you a separate invoice.
  • The deposit is non-refundable(unless the trip is cancelled of course!) but you can transfer it to another person with no problem and no extra charge.

I paid the deposit,What now?

Ok,so this is very important so we will say it again-the trip is only guaranteed once we confirm it!We will have to wait till at least 4 girls book the trip. An e-mail will be sent to you to confirm this so that you can proceed with your flight bookings and another e-mail when the final payment is due.

We will also send you the Info pack with Packing List and all the essentials.

And the most fun part-we will create a WhatsApp Group for all the girls going on a trip together so you can get to know each other well ahead!

Do I need insurance?

Yes!This is very important and you are responsible for obtaining your own travel insurance cover.We recommend going through World Nomads. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to research travel insurance companies in your location and select an insurer that covers both trip cancellation and medical coverage abroad.

What about the flights?

You are responsible for your own flights but we will be happy to share our best tips to catch the best deals in the Info Pack we will send you once your trip is confirmed.We are pretty good at finding the best flight deals so if you are struggling,please drop us an e-mail and we will be happy to help you out.

What if I need to cancel the trip?

You can see all the details in our T&C,but for the most important bits:

Because the accommodation and activities are paid for well in advance, all deposits are non-refundable(unless we do not get the min 4 participants to run the trip) but you can always transfer it to another person!

Refunds will be given as outlined below based on days prior to trip starting day

Refund Amount Days Before the Trip Starts
Full (minus non-refundable Deposit) 60 + Days
50% less the Non-Refundable Deposit 59-45 Days
No Refund 44 Days or less

We reserve the right to cancel trips with inadequate participant attendance, in which case all money paid to Nomans Adventure will be fully refunded.

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